For over 10 years, FirstWave’s local teams have been responsible for the design, transition and deployment of cloud services in every customer’s security environment. As cloud integration experts, we provide customers with a proven deployment process that controls costs and ensures a quick and pain-free move to the cloud. With attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, enterprises and government bodies are engaging established IT companies like FirstWave to deliver managed IT security services – it’s the smartest solution to protect their infrastructure and financial integrity.

FirstWave offers a wealth of experience and has delivered cloud services for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s product integrations or roll-outs for telcos, deploying a major customer data centre to the cloud, or product design and solution management on behalf of vendors who want to embed their security solution in the FirstWave CCSG architecture, we’ve seen it all and we can handle every need.


FirstWave’s Consulting Practice enables our enterprise, government and business customers to realise the promise of the cloud through a rapid, cost-effective transition. We make complex changes simple through our expertise and experience. As part of this offering, FirstWave provides its customer-specific consulting service to ensure the smoothest transition to your newly acquired cloud content security solution. FirstWave’s security consulting and cloud delivery specialists have over 10 years’ experience assessing and deploying the ideal cloud content security solution to meet your business’ unique needs. So whether you want a highly customised, bespoke professional service, or prefer a defined service package, you’ll find a solution that fits your needs.


FirstWave provides a single operational point of contact for all security initiatives, including consultancy, management and technical support. Our Cisco-accredited dedicated teams have over 10 years' experience delivering various Cisco products, including Cloud Web Security, ASAs, ESAs, WSAs and AnyConnect. Teams are divided into two key areas of support: our sales and technical teams (who are Palo Alto Networks Certified) and our ACE-qualified engineers.


When it comes to managing expenses and ensuring your vital IT solutions run smoothly, you can’t afford any surprises. FirstWave provides a framework to mitigate this risk and applies industry best practices using IT Infrastructure Library.


We are determined to implement the agreed cloud solution efficiently and intelligently. Working with you as a collaborative project team, you can rest assure all activities are focused on achieving your requirements. At the same time, we follow a series of rigorous, programmed stages, which significantly enhances the probability of success and ensures accountability for project delivery.

Key Features

  • Round-the-clock Australian-based support

  • Project management, integration, testing and customer acceptance

  • Pre-deployment workshops and documentation

  • Pre-provisioning, ordering and billing continuity

  • Service support from FirstWave's experienced security specialists

  • Customer portal training and service policy tailoring

Success Stories

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