At the heart of FirstWave is our unique and proprietary technology, Cloud Content Security Platform (CCSP). CCSP holds the key to FirstWave becoming a highly successful, global business.  

This important technology enables our partners to offer their end-user customers, particularly small to medium businesses, a unique solution to addressever-increasing cyber security risk. This was true before COVID-19. It is even more urgent now as globally, workers have physically dispersed to work outside the safety of their corporate networks thereby exposing their businesses to even more cyber security risk.

The Problem for Service Providers: Increasing complexity and demand at the same time as declining profitability 

As business and government organisations accelerate their digital transformation to cloud-based applications and a highly mobile-enabled workforce and customer base, service providers, our Partners, are under pressure to do more to lower cyber security risk for their customers and to reverse the decline in profitability of their traditional telecommunications and IT services.  

These are hard problems to solve.

To address these problems effectively, any solution must:

  1. immediately meet the dynamic, complex cyber security needs (risks) of their end customers;
  2. be delivered as a service from public or private clouds; 
  3. be integrated into their existing operational and billing systems;
  4. significantly lower their cost to deliver;
  5. generate new and sustainable lines of revenue; and, over the longer term,
  6. deliver increasing functionality that enhances the services they offer to their customers and leads to more ‘sticky’ service contracts and increased value.

The Problem for End-users: Reducing the risk of cyber threats by protecting their expanding digital perimeter 

COVID-19 forced businesses to send their people home or away from the office to work.  Using less secure home or public rather than private networks led almost immediately to a dramatic increase in cyber-attacks.  Targeted phishing, malware and ransomware attacks and data breaches, designed to cripple businesses financially and operationally, all increased substantially. 

The end-user problem is now well-understood globally.  If organisations, particularly small and medium businesses who have less financial and human capacity than larger organisations, do not reduce the risk of cyber threats by protecting the rapidly expanding new perimeter (i.e. from simply the firewall to email, web, and end-point devices), eventually they will be compromised.  It will be disruptive, potentially very expensive and for some, terminal.

This is also a hard problem to solve.

To address this problem effectively, any solution must:

  1. immediately prevent cyber threats attacking any aspect of their business;
  2. be enterprise grade, easy to implement and use, and affordable; and
  3. evolve to address a continually morphing cyber threat landscape and innovative new vendors. 

The Solution: CCSP – Democratising enterprise grade cybersecurity-as-a-service

CCSP is the only automated cybersecurity-as-a-service orchestration and management platform for service providers that integrates and multi-tenants enterprise-grade email, web, firewall virtual appliances and endpoint protection services from global security leaders now, and can readily on-board and integrate new security vendor technologies as they become available to deliver new cyber security services.   

CCSP integrates into the service providers’ operational and billing systems allowing them to offer their customers a cloud-delivered, subscription-based, integrated, low cost and expanding range of cyber security services. 

We call this unique value proposition ‘democratising* enterprise grade cyber security-as-a-service’.
*to make of or for the people (ref The Free Dictionary by Farlex)

FirstWave CCSP solution

FirstWave is at the centre of a partner ecosystem. 

To access the end-user customer, CCSP has been purpose built for service providers globally. These service providers have their path to the end customer either through their own partners and/or direct to end-user customers – what we call ‘a leveraged channel model’, i.e. a few large partners per country ‘white label’ FirstWave’s services as their own to their many smaller partners, who in turn then sell these services to many more end-user customers.  It takes time to build momentum in a channel model like this, but once momentum is achieved, revenue can scale rapidly.

There are five elements of the FirstWave partner ecosystem:

  1. Technology partners: Our technology partners currently include Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet and Trend Micro. As mentioned above, they supply the world’s leading enterprise-grade cyber security technology for us to multi-tenant and integrate onto CCSP.
  2. Level 1 partners: FirstWave’s current Level 1 partners are Telstra, NTT Data UK, Cisco, Digital Wholesale Solutions (DWS) UK, SHELT Middle East, and Tata Teleservices India.  They generate revenue principally by selling CCSP through their partners (FirstWave’s Level 2 Partners) to end-user customers usually as a white-label offering.  Level 1 partners can sell directly to end customers as well (e.g. Telstra) but the majority of revenue is delivered through their partner network.  They are characterised by being tech-savvy with strong partner networks and existing technology-related relationships with their partners.
  3. Level 2 partners: Current Level 2 partners include Mobifone (Vietnam), Orient Telecom (Malaysia), Netcom Africa (Nigeria) and XcellHost Cloud Services (India) and iAmaze Consultants (India) amongst others.  They generate revenue by selling CCSP direct to end-user customers either as a white label offering or using FirstWave’s FirstCloud brand. Level 2 partners usually have an existing billing relationship with their end customers through a suite of existing technology offerings.  They can sell our offering to either increase ‘share of wallet’ from existing customers or break ground and develop new customers.
  4. Billing partners: Level 1 or Level 2 partners who have sold FirstWave CCSP services, have “on-boarded” end-user customers, and are generating revenue are categorised as “billing partners”.  As such, they are a sub-set of the total partner ecosystem that has reached the “revenue” milestone (milestone 8) on FirstWave’s Path to Revenue.
  5. End-user customers: As the name suggests, end-user customers are consumers of FirstWave CCSP services.  Some of our partners are also end-user customers.

CCSP will continue to adapt and evolve to be the cyber security platform of choice for service providers. CCSP will enable service provider partners to profitably and effectively stay abreast of the inexorable, increasing volume and complexity of cyber security attacks on their customers.

Investment in the platform will continue in the following areas:
•    Increasing the automation and integration capabilities to enable service providers to offer higher levels of service at lower costs
•    Increasing the sophistication of automated threat detection, response and remediation
•    Integrating new capabilities from existing and new cyber security vendors

There is no other technology in the world that does what CCSP does – democratising enterprise grade cybersecurity-as-a-service – at a time when security is at the top of priorities for all businesses, small and large alike.

A unique solution for a unique time.



We are one of the few Australian security and cloud solutions whose infrastructure, management and security processes are certified to ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standard and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard.

As ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard which defines the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS), being certified establishes high standards for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving our ISMS. 

The ISO 9001 is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.  It ensure that our partners and customers get consistent, good quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits. 

The combination of both certifications means you can be confident that your cloud services and information with us are protected to an extremely high standard.


Endorsed by the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) for providing high quality ICT services and independent cyber security assessment services to Australian government bodies in areas such as cloud services, gateways and information systems.

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How It Works

Why Choose FirstWave Cloud Content Security Platform

  • Total integrated management of security policies and reports with centralised online management and self‐managed apps

  • The ability to provide multi-vendor cloud-based firewall, email and web-filtering services cost-effectively and globally

  • Pre-packaged product catalogue that can be quickly launched to market, sold, and delivered by service providers to their customers

  • Feature-rich APIs for extensive integration possibilities

  • Single-pane management portal

  • Multi‐cloud normalised, automated deployment

  • Host multiple levels of tenants while providing standardised security policies across an entire customer's infrastructure

  • Consolidated log and event processing

  • Platform and node flexibility, portability and extensibility